Spahrk at Black Swan Yoga

Spahrk’s weekly residency at Black Swan Yoga Houston

Every Thursday night

8:30pm (doors open at 8pm)

Experienced in holistic, healthy living and masterful at yoga instruction, Hailey Wilson delivers an hour-long forest flow yoga class that aims to relax the mind, realign the body and replenish the soul. Long holding positions, emphasis on abdominal core work, and the focus on emotional and spiritual connections through breath, allow participants to find themselves through the movement of their bodies. The atmosphere is complemented by Spahrk’s musical performance, where his music fluidly moves with the class; providing visceral sounds and tones that sometimes are so thick and lush that they feel as if they create a gelatinous haze of matter within the studio. Low rumbling beats and the pitter patter of percussive glitch and found-sounds awaken the bodies, as students move from meditative states to flowing poses. During the most intense movements, Spahrk fills the room with sexy, down-tempo trip-hop that inspires the students to push through the toughest poses and feel the release of their tension and stresses. The softness of Spahrk’s ethereal piano drips down from the studio ceiling as he creates live loops of melodic interplay that weave their way in and out of the morphing forms. Each class experience is unique to itself; each has its own intent, its own message. No performance is exactly the same, but each performance is sure to leave a lasting impression on the listeners; truly nu-age music and art that connect the body, mind, and soul.