SPahrk + Tate Fryar

And most would hate it.
Head inflated from motivation,
Old as ancient.
My mind and my sins,
They get no vacation.
Horsin’ it, of course
And you’re in traffic.
While I’m just a born, drug absorbin’, golf course endorphin addict.
More fanatic than your average,
Past baggage for the Peace Core, chain smoking acrobat, while I’m flaggin’ that with Eeyore.
I know I need more when life’s just a little riddled with paranoia. When Middle America ain’t fair and you think it’s all coming for ya, the more you look out the blinds in the foyer for the jagged edged weapon, it ain’t mine though.
I leave my house on a high note.
Feeling groovy like the vinyl. 8 bomb on the harddrive with the locks that only I know. Still anxiety tug my tie, though.

My thoughts exhausting me, like they often be. I got that weight, waiting patient down in Austin- We… (never be the same)
See it’s all mind odyssey
My anxiety exhausting me.
I swim through it nautically.
Mad impressed with the distraction
Prime on the action for you actin’ hard
Got the drugs in your arteries, chokin’.
I be all-falling-a-parliament- since I quite smokin’ – since it’s mid-knowing
will it be the last time that’ll be me being Oden?
(can’t promise)…
If you’re gonna crack a case, crack it open.
Don’t be afraid to be out spoken
And don’t keep it straight if you think they slopin’, for my furture’s future’s sake.
It ain’t no future you could break.

(Just like a song in my heart)
Growing up they trained us to D.A.R.E. on it.
Now we’re happily Hooked On everything but their Phonics.
Lookin’ at ‘em rich, but the pair modest.
Had everything stolen by a couple of addicts and you can’t really bitch when the pair pawned it, ‘cuz they’re on it.
It ain’t fair or honest, it’s just something that I gotta say.
Not one mistake that I blot away.
Just dissin’ myself then I’ll drive away.
Fucked up like I’m sleepin’, but I promise
I’m Awake.
(Still I wonder why it is…
Still I wonder why it is…
Still I wonder why it is…
Blowing out my mind…
Blowing out my mind…)