Every Monday Morning


Every Monday morning
I spend it tellin’ stories
Wishin’ I could start

I wanna put down the bottle
Ease up off the throttle
Feel like I finally
Have a clue.

I wanna hang out with my buddies
And those that say they love me
Remember me
For my heart.

But with every cruel word
Every tale that’s absurd
I get further and further
From the start.

Every Monday morning
I lose faith in all the glory
But Saturday night
I rule the world
Every Monday morning
I lose sight of where I’m going
Strapped in the seat
As life unfurls
Saturday night I rule the world.I have a different rendition
Of this cliché tradition
I swear I haven’t sold out.
But with every Thanksgiving
The answers are less forgiving
To, “Where’s your wife?”
And, “Are you saving for a house?”

But with each new day
I find different ways to say,
“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about”